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>> welcome to the journal. live from dw. >> coming up in this half-hour. german politicians call for civilian oversight after reports of corporations are helping intelligence agencies spy and civilians. >> egyptian supporters have announced new rallies. >> a new train connection that could lead to major trade. >> consequences are being drawn
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from the nsa's global spying for graham. the foreign ministry has announced it is ending a kids- old surveillance agreement. it was a joint understanding. >> the decision comes as new reports show cooperation -- corporations working with authorities to gather private data. companies developed software to help in the surveillance. >> britain's a guest spy agency. it is reported to have even paid telecommunications customer need companies to snoop on customers. the data lines are utilized by internet users by other countries. >> we must untangle this web.
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intelligence agencies are the responsibility of the government. if private companies are involved that can only happen under special circumstances. >> german lawmakers want to know more about the spying revelations and what the government knew about british and american snooping activities. chancellor merkel's chief of staff is to be grilled again in 10 days time. >> how significant is the cancellation of the intelligence agreement with london and washington question mark this had been in the works for a while. >> that is right. the german government had been pushing to suspend this intelligence sharing agreement. ever since the revelations from edward snowden emerged.
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the agreement is not clear. we are getting mixed signals and having the foreign minister of germany saying this is a necessary consequence of the bates about privacy protection. on the other hand we are hearing that this intelligence sharing agreement was apparently a cold war relic. but it was obsolete and some are saying the significance of the suspension is largely symbolic. >> this whole nsa affair, we have seen protests across germany. that is shaping up to be a hot clinical topic. >> definitely a hot topic for the election campaign. we're seeing that the german government is under intense pressure to explain what it knew about surveillance activities. elementary oversight committees are being held on the subject. a couple more scheduled for this month. we're a few weeks away away from elections so definitely a hot topic area and >> thank you for
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the analysis. >> here is an update on the man who is going underground after revealing these spy programs. >> edward snowden lot -- left moscow airport after six weeks% in the transit zone. this is the only picture of him getting into a car at the airport. the u.s. has said it is disappointed by the decision to grant him temporary asylum. what about the technology behind the spying? let's bring in our technology expert. just how close would you say is the cooperation between intelligence agencies" permissions? >> it is getting closer every day as we follow the story. there is a reason that goes beyond the sale of customer and data to basically anybody. we are living in the information
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society and information has become currency. infrastructure has become commodity. this is built by commercial enterprises. it is heavily regulated i governments and government agencies. there might be pressure for companies to comply. >> how can we as normal citizens keep an eye on what is happening to us? >> by following the news program and on the other hand there are institutions, people who have been commissioned with watching over our privacy. but the power of these people does not go much farther than filing lawsuits against violators of privacy and advising politicians. what we see here is a shift in paradigm. after world war ii, civil
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liberties and civil rights have been on the top priority in most western democracies. changed and governments are acting -- 9/11, this has changed and governments are acting. >> fiber-optic cables that have been sabotaged, i suppose you could say how does that happen, who owns them? >> another private company or enterprise. this is at&t along with their counterpart. if there is a request to grant access, they probably are complying. >> thank you very much. >> in egypt authorities are ordering police to block access to the muslim brotherhood camp in cairo. the order is to take effect by sunday. >> thousands have been
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protesting every day since mahmoud morsi was toppled by the army at the start of last month month. the new government is going on protesters to leave. the west has signaled it is supporting the military. >> tens of thousands joined the protests after friday prayers. for a, supporters of mohamed morsi have stayed -- staged a sit in and friday, john kerry added fuel to the fire. in an interview with the pakistani news channel he said the egyptian military was heating the will of the people when it toppled the islamist government. >> to run the country there is a civilian government. they were restoring democracy. >> western leaders are pushing for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. their words ring hollow to supporters. >> to the people in europe we have a democracy and elections and we chose a parliament. we chose a president and they
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the army has come to project my perceived. since when and where in the world is an army that protects democracy? >> so far the u.s. has stopped short of calling this a coup. that is not likely to change. otherwise the egyptian military would stand to lose 1.3 though you dollars in u.s. aid every year. >> supporters are defying police with new rallies. will that lead to more clashes? >> as we speak, clashes are happening outside the media complex. the strategy is to widen the location of their protests. they had more than 30 small demonstrations today in cairo. there is to new locations where they are trying to establish themselves. one was witha a private
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station. >> is there a way out of this crisis russian market does not seem like it from here. -- is there a way out of this crisis? it does not seem like it from here. >> they are preparing for clearing the square. it is international pressure which is renting them from doing that. what is happening is the americans and europeans are telling the military leadership we want you not to use violence because of use -- you use violence, this will qualify as some sort of coded talk. that is the card they're trying to play. on till now -- we have to see what is happening in the next day. >> thank you for the update. also political uncertainty in
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italy following the conviction of silvio berlusconi. >> it is not yet clear what is going to happen to the convicted criminals. >> newspapers across italy put the verdict on the front page. a definitive judgment read several headlines. it is the first time judges have found the former prime minister guilty with no chance of appeal. her list on he will not go to jail because of his age but he faces house arrest. there was no sign of him a day after he addressed italians in a video message. >> in exchange for my nearly 20 year commitment to my country, and all must at the end of my life -- almost at the end of my
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life, i receive allegations and the judgment based on nothing at all. i am not a cheap. i am a victim of injustice. >> polls show a quarter of italians still support berlusconi. >> i is incredible scandal. they have confirmed what i have said since the start. it is a judicial coup. >> his opponents turned out in force outside the supreme court to celebrate the conviction. he is committed to keep his seat in the senate. >> he was sentenced for his crimes so a little bit of justice does still exist. >> as an italian it is hard to believe that justice has been done here. we are living through a transition of half truths and provisional decisions but the government is now safe. >> his people and freedom party said it has no plans to quit the governing coalition. as for ban on him holding political office that decision goes to an appeals court.
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>> fortunes at lift hands are nosediving -- love tendlufthanse nosediving. >> down from a new profit of 50 million. they said this is immensely the result of a crosscutting drive. this will result in solid office by year's end. some optimism there. this reaction from the trading floor. >> investors were not pleased at all with the results. the cost-saving program is not going fast enough to their taste. on the other hand they are worried about the quality they have. if they save in the wrong places it might do badly by passengers who want quality.
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arabian airlines is making great competition in this area. this week was a good one for german shares. the dax went up i two percent. -- buyer 2%. mario draghi reiterated his promised to keep interest rates low. >> let's take a quick look at the numbers. the dax ended the trading day flattered to 84 .06. the eurozone -- your stocks -- euro stoxx is flat. >> a very flat tail. >> and big business for export nations like germany.
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>> the first freight train from one of the most important industrial hubs arrived in hamburg. it covered a route of more than 10,000 kilometers to china, russia, belarus, and poland in just 15 days. >> the historic moment at a hamburg rail depot. officials gathered to celebrate the end of an odyssey. this train has traveled over 10,000 kilometers. it has arrived from central china. a freight train's took 15 days. that is quicker than any ship. they hope this will be the first train of many. and the route will pay off. >> because travel time is half as long as with the ship we have been half the capital costs and they are often pretty high. that is the benefit for our customers. >> a train has brought dozens of containers in tow containing everything from car parts to consumer electronics.
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the train epitomizes china and germany's growing trade relationship. since 2011, more than 300 freight trains have traveled between china and germany. many from beijing and now the route is on track, two.
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>> he has not been inaugurated yet but comments from you ran's president-elect has everyone listening closely. he was quoted as describing israel as a wound that needs removal. >> it sounds like the rhetoric of his predecessor. the statement was repudiated by iranian state media. the corrected version. the occupation of palestinian land is a wound on the muslim world. >> despite the swift denial among the true face of iran has been revealed that both the west and iranians are hoping for more pragmatic president and ran. -- any ran -- in iran.
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iranians hoping for a better future on election day. that was the pledge for the winner. the key, a symbol of his campaign. he is considered a moderate cleric and he has international experience. he led negotiations over the nuclear program. it is not clear how as president he will act on the world stage. >> i hope that he will push on with the goal of leading it ran out of international isolation. he has got international experience. he would be capable of it. the question is, will his political environment allow it? >> that is because ultimate authority in iran lies with the supreme leader. if he is to keep his pledge of constructive interaction with the international community, he will have to find a way of ending the dispute over it ran's nuclear program. a program of any western
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countries has one goal, and nuclear armed iran. >> at the moment we are having some difficulties with it ran -- iran. it would be -- and into its nuclear ambitions would be a fixed up forward. we try everything to make it happen. -- we have to try everything to make it happen. >> it would mean a listing of the sanctions that have crippled the economy for years. politicians have other expectations of the new government in terror and -- chair atehran. >> he needs to send a clear signal especially when it comes to releasing political prisoners. >> he made big ledges to voters. now he has to show he is serious about engaging with the world.
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>> joining us now in the studio. these comments about israel. some clarification on that. >> his wordings were a little bit misinterpreted. he was quoted as saying that israel should be destroyed. obviously he said something like , there is a problem in palestine and this is an open wound within the islamic world and this problem needs to be addressed. that was his way of looking at things. we can expect a more moderate leadership. is that what you're are saying? >> that depends on how you define moderation. he is not an opponent of the system. he is not a new gorbachev who is trying to undo the repression of the regime. he is neither aligned with the radicals and the radiant establishment.
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-- in the iranian establishment. he has been given a free hand by the spiritual leader of the country who is the real holder of power. he is supposed to heal the economic ones. should he be successful, he will be able to liberalize iran a little bit. should he not be successful, he will be held responsible for that. >> for the hopes of iranians and the possibility they will get something. >> iranians are realistic. should the economy improve many will be happy and they do hope that this conflict will finally be solved. this is not only for the iranians. it is for the americans that need to move. on wednesday the house of representatives in washington
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added new sanctions to the already long sanctions list against iran. this is not an invitation to dialogue three days before he takes office. >> do you see a ran aligning itself with china and russia? >> china is buying iranian oil. they're getting huge contracts for redoing the iranian economy. the relationship will remain very close. air means to be seen whether the west is willing to open up toward a more moderate iran. >> thank you very much. african observers say some bob wade's government has won a landslide victory in --. dozens of seats have not been
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clarified. >> observers say it was free and fair. the party has one one quarter of seats but he said the vote was rigged. >> a new poll shows the german chancellor could wind september house election with the coalition she knows had -- now has. they have seen a bump in voter approval. >> which would be a major breakthrough for her christian democrats. it was looking like they would have to form a grand coalition with their rival to stay in power. >> where does that leave the opposition? >> little cheer in the latest opinion polls for the man who wants to unseat anglo merkel -- angela merkel. the numbers are barely moving. the social democrat challenger says it is not game over yet.
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>> there are seven and a half weeks to go. they will be crucial in deciding who wins this election on september 22. >> the new poll gives the conservatives 42% of the vote. the spd trail on 26. the greens have 13. the partners reach up to five percent. merkel could continue to governor with your preferred partner. voters trust angela merkel. her approval ratings remain skyhigh. she is the most popular politician. her finance minister is second- most popular popular. the numbers have been barely dented i a string of summer scandals. -- by a string of summer scandals. it is an uphill struggle. there is little time to convince voters why he should be chancellor. >> it is time to look at a party
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that is still fairly new to the political landscape in europe and germany. >> there main platform is protection. after getting a better picture of the workings of the world's spy agencies thanks to edward snowden. >> here is more about the french party that shot to national prominence and is managing to create waves. >> the campaign headquarters of the pirate party. members are meeting to discuss their fears of a surveillance state. they have accused the u.s. national security agency of intercepting far more data than totalitarian east germany's secret police, the stasi ever did. >> what the nsa is collecting is about one billion times more. that is immense. that kind of data is inconceivable and it is available as electronic data. if you printed it out and sorted
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in filing cabinets that would cover 1000 by 1000 kilometers. >> the pirates have made data protection their central campaign issue. they say everyone uses the internet and has a stake in it. next that is our data, our thoughts, our and knowledge, our friends, our context, our family that live in these devices in the form of digital data and then must be protected. >> the pirate party has touched a nerve with its demands for transparency. it has also struggled to addressed a host of topics to move beyond being just a single issue party. the pirate say they want to tackle every issue from the financial crisis to rights for the disabled. day-to-day concerns that affect everyone. free information, the right to participate, the idea of transparency. these are very old ideas.
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they come from science. these ideas can be carried over to other areas. we're are not just the internet party, the we are the party for everyone who wants to help shape politics. the problem, the public views the pilot -- the pirates as a party of techies. i have caught the establishment offguard with their focus on internet and computers. >> the i do not think there is an advantage to be seen as a one issue party since that suggests one sightedness. >> the party has had its successes and then well in regional elections but electoral success gave way to internal power struggles. the party plummeted in opinion polls. the pirates have become like germany's established political parties and that spelled trouble for fledgling political
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movements in the past. >> one small piece of business news. germany is experiencing an ice cream boom. one of the country's biggest producers is selling as much in one day as it normally does in a month. >> temperatures are at 36 celsius with another sweltering weekend on the way. anyway of cooling down is welcome. perhaps with the park which is a safe place to store your ice cream at minus three degrees. >> that is all from us. x keep watching >> keep watchin.
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